LPG FLOOD SAFETY. The rainy season upon us, now is the time to get your gas appliances checked by an authorised service technician. Flood water can damage pipes, electrics, thermostats, and valves. All water damaged gas water heaters, gas appliances, and their regulators need to be checked by a licensed gas fitter. Not only is this check a precaution of one's safety, but it is also good to have your appliances regularly inspected and cleaned periodically. Some gas hot water heating systems may be safely repaired for insurance after a professional service, however, if a gas appliance has been submerged it will (in most cases) need to be replaced. Like electricity and Natural Gas, LPG is considered a hazardous good, and as such needs to be treated with the utmost respect. That's why Elgas has a safety and compliance program that not only over delivers against the regulatory authorities guidelines but is considered unparalleled amongst its competitors. Elgas deliver and use this to conduct regular safety audits, programmed maintenance and replacements where necessary. A community service announcement sponsored by Elgas, Rinnai, EnergySafe Victoria and AGA.
LPG Bushfire Safety